Whether you’re looking for a bit more calm, a full night’s sleep or to get off the hormonal roller coaster, we got ya covered.

Most of our customers will start with an oil (900mg-1350mg) or a softgel and take twice a day.  You can also supplement with gummies as these are a wonderful addition to the afternoon for focus.

Or, if you are new to CBD and not sure which method you prefer, one of our bundles is a fabulous option.  Most include a softgel, gummy and oil to test what works best for you and they are all bundled at 20% off.

In the CBD world, because everyone’s ECS is unique, we cannot tell for sure what dosage you need until you do a little trial and error…this is necessary.  But we are here to help…

As always, please reach out for any and all questions at [email protected].

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