Can’t remember the last time you slept through the night? Then you’re well aware of the impact not sleeping can have on your wellbeing. It makes us cranky with our kids. Concentrating becomes impossible. We forget little things. Pick petty fights with our partners. Did you know that insufficient sleep is so prevalent it’s been considered a “public health epidemic” for years? There are even experts that propose insufficient sleep is a potential noncommunicable disease. Seriously, it doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that sleep is one of the top three reasons people use CBD. People who use CBD for sleep swear the compound helps them get the restful sleep they need, offering the support necessary for a solid night of uninterrupted bliss. In the CBD world, because everyone’s ECS is unique, we cannot tell for sure what dosage you need until you do a little trial and error…this is necessary. But we are here to help… As always, please reach out for any and all questions at [email protected].

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