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Women Are Stressed Out More Than Ever Before

We are running around on 4-6 hours of sleep, moody, irritable, busier than ever, and unrecognizable to ourselves in the mirror

(thank you hormones).

There has to be an easier way to start to FEEL GOOD AGAIN.

To feel….


We understand…

As a team of health coaches, we literally have seen it all.  Being a woman in today’s world is HARD!  Navigating between good and bad days, turning to coffee and other stimulants to focus, managing a career, taking care of the kids, the house, your spouse…all on 5 hours of sleep while your hormones plummet.  Will you ever have the time or the energy to take care of yourself?!

You might not get an additional 5 hours to yourself each day any time soon but we found something super easy to get that momentum going….


While coaching women in 2019, we started supplementing their coaching programs with CBD.  After about 3-4 weeks of consistent use, these women finally started to see the results they were hoping for.  While not a miracle plant, the CBD products they were using were the catalyst that lead to more quality sleep.  More quality sleep, then led to more energy and increased focus.  It was the reason they felt less stressed and therefore made better food choices, lowered their inflammation, their hormones balanced out, and they simply felt happier.

We knew we wanted to learn everything we could about the industry and the products out there.  We tested and reviewed numerous CBD brands for efficacy, purity, and transparency, and found that very few delivered consistent relief, and many contained pesticides and heavy metals.  We also dove into the manufacturing processes and lab testing and realized the market was filled with low-quality products and companies with inaccurate labeling.

There had to be a better way for women to utilize safe, effective, and pure CBD products. And that’s when, in 2020, Loona Wellness was born.

With this mission in mind, our team at Loona vows to hold high accountability standards for our customers.

We believe that quality matters.

We believe education is critical.

And we believe that YOU deserve to feel your best every, single, day.

Happy women
Giving Back

Our passion for children’s health

Giving back to support the health of mother and child…

At the core of our motivation is the desire to help people heal holistically and share the powers of botanicals. But even more specifically is to support the health and wellness of children and the mothers that care for them.

We believe that a mother can care for her children better when she feels better with more energy, peace, and sleep. We also believe that a child has a right from the start of life to be exposed to and raised with optimal nourishment. Loona Wellness selects charities around the world that help support the health, wellness, and safety of mothers and children.

From day one, Loona Wellness has donated 5% of every purchase to charitable organizations dedicated to nourishing, protecting, and empowering women and children.

To learn more about the charitable organizations we support please visit our Giving Back page.

there’s more to love…

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