Why So Many Women Are Using CBD To Ease Everyday Stress
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Why So Many Women Are Using CBD To Ease Everyday Stress

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Escaping from everyday stress is pretty much impossible. Life is full of little (and sometimes not so little) challenges we must deal with every day. Taking care of the kids. Arguments with our significant other. Impending deadlines at work. Challenging relationships with co-workers. Juggling work and family. Commuting to and from work. Even working at home has its own stressful challenges.

Everyday life can be challenging to say the least, and some days are more difficult than others. As more people turn towards natural ways to support stress, it doesn’t surprise us that CBD use is skyrocketing. Honestly, CBD is famous for stress support and is one of the top three reasons people use CBD.

A growing body of evidence indicates that CBD has remarkable potential to support the body’s stress response. For us, CBD simply seems to take things down a notch. Almost like it helps us recenter our energy so we can approach everyday stressors from a state of increased calm. Like those stressful school mornings when you’re this close to losing your cool, or while sitting in traffic during your morning commute when you’re already 20 minutes late.

Using CBD For Everyday Stress

The demands of everyday life are just that. Demanding. Sometimes so demanding that it can make you feel like you’re spinning out of control, stressed out and anxious to the point that you don’t know how you’ll make it through the day. Trust us, we’ve been there.

As much as we want to remain calm and meet everything that happens throughout our days from a centered state of mind, daily stressors don’t stop. They’re a part of life and the better we learn how to manage them, we can actually chill out and enjoy our lives a bit more.

CBD may just be one of the best things to help manage these everyday stressors. Following are a few areas CBD may positively influence everyday stress.


CBD shows to have a profound impact on mood.  There’s a huge body of evidence that supports the use of CBD for stress, and many people are discovering that CBD helps them maintain a balanced mood despite the stress that might typically derail them during the day.

Focus & Concentration

CBD may also help increase focus and concentration, which can help immensely when you’re so overwhelmed with everyday stressors that you feel like you can’t get anything done. It almost seems like the way CBD works with the brain helps to overcome the overwhelm and allows you to focus on one thing at a time.


Another way CBD could help with the everyday stress you feel is by helping you get a good night’s sleep. Not only does stress take a significant toll on our sleep, but not sleeping well leads to increased stress, becoming a bit of a vicious cycle that can take a serious toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. While CBD won’t necessarily knock you out like a sedative, it could just restore the sense of calm relaxation you need to get the sleep you need.


CBD may also help with everyday stress because of its potential for supporting energy.  Being exposed to stress day after day can cause some serious emotional and physical exhaustion. If you find yourself tired all the time, stress could be largely to blame. Prolonged stress, like the stress we encounter daily, can make us feel utterly exhausted. Research, for example, shows that fatigue is “consistently associated” with work-related stress.

CBD for mood

How Does CBD Work For Everyday Stress?

How is it that CBD can support all these things that are affected by everyday stress? It all comes down to how CBD influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other receptors in the body.

The primary function of the ECS is to support homeostasis throughout the body. It supports several processes and has a huge influence on mood, sleep, immunity and more. Consisting of two naturally occurring endocannabinoids, two cannabinoid receptors, and two enzymes that breakdown endocannabinoid, the ECS is a complex system that serves to maintain balance of our physical, mental and emotional health.

Although CBD doesn’t bind directly to CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptors, it indirectly influences the ECS by increasing levels of the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids by preventing ECS enzymes from breaking them down. For example, CBD enhances anandamide signaling by inhibiting the degradation of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). Anandamide, often referred to as the “bliss molecule” is one of the body’s endocannabinoids responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness.

CBD’s potential for stress support also comes down to its influence on the serotonin system. Serotonin, known to regulate mood, happiness and anxiety, plays a huge role in stress, and CBD just so happens to directly bind to 5-HT1A serotonin receptors. Activation of 5HT1A receptors is suggested to be a successful strategy for managing stress-related disorders.

Using CBD For Everyday Stress

We’re all about natural ways to help simplify our lives and reduce stress and overwhelm of everyday life. We’ve found that by maintaining a regular wellness routine that includes taking CBD daily and engaging in everyday self-care, we’re far more equipped to handle life’s everyday stressors.

Why take CBD daily to manage everyday stress? It’s simple, really. By taking CBD every day, you ultimately gain increased benefit from the compound because you’re giving it time to work effectively with the ECS and other receptors. Think of it like a daily supplement that continually supports the system, rather than something like an aspirin you might take when you have a headache.

Ideal ECS function is sometimes referred to as the “Goldilocks Zone,” where conditions in the body are “just right” for each system supported by the ECS to maintain proper homeostasis. Everyday stressors can throw the ECS off balance, but by taking CBD daily you can help maintain everyday balanced wellbeing.

While CBD can definitely help with everyday stressors, it shouldn’t be thought of as a magic cure-all that will miraculously make everyday stress disappear. It can, however, help you manage everyday stress, especially when combined with other natural stress-relief techniques.

Just because stress is an inevitable part of daily life, it doesn’t mean it has to take over your life. Aside from taking a daily serving of CBD for stress, consider engaging in regular meditation techniques for stress (seriously, just five minutes a day can be life changing), getting plenty of exercise, eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and practicing simple, everyday wellness tips to ease daily stress and reclaim feeling your best.